Introducing Microcurrent!

We will be welcoming my good friend Faiza to the studio on Saturdays starting the first weekend of April. In addition to Faiza offering her upcoming threading services, she will also become my assistant in performing the new microcurrent technology. Microcurrent mimics the body's own bio-electrical impulses. It targets the nerves closest to the skin, and has the ability to speed up the whole metabolism of the tissue and cellular activity. It tightens and softens the skin, lifts sagging muscles, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and improves color & texture of the skin. It is both preventative and corrective, without being invasive!

We will gain our proficiency during the month of April, adding microcurrent services with the Myolift Ultra to the calendar in the month of May. The new treatment will be called the "Firm & Restore," replacing the title for the oxy-needling treatment which will become the "Collagen & Restore" facial. Microcurrent will be our go-to treatment for truly firming all the deeper structures of the skin; our needling treatment is more focused on building and supporting collagen growth & repair. As mentioned, threading services will now be offered on Saturdays with Faiza, starting Saturday, April 8th. We will then add the microcurrent services that day as well, once we are both certified to go!

For over two decades maintaining the quality of skin, visibly, has been my commitment. Now we can maintain what supports and holds up the visible quality of our skin!