Bright Eyes & Suki In The Studio...Again!

Never before has my collection of eye specific products been more comprehensive. A little bit of everything, and something for everybody. From balms and serums to gels and creams. Each has a unique purpose & individual allure. We can address sensitivity, & smooth your smiling eyes with purity and performance.

One of the best tips for keeping eyes less puffy and more bright is the morning ritual of warm lemon water. After our body has been at rest we want to awaken it, gently encouraging detoxification of the lymph system. This easy ritual helps clear up water retention found in the delicate eye tissue, while it encourages a kickstart in our metabolism! Detoxification and nourishment is always the perfect duo to keep our skin tight & bright!

One of our most beloved lines has returned. Just one other niche needed to be filled. Still loved by so many clients, Suki offers formulations yet to be created by anyone else quite the same. Their famous exfoliating cleanser, and their ability to address sensitivity in combination to congestion is the heart of its product formulations and great results.All their best sellers in the studio now!