Restore With Ritual in the New Year

I have fully come to embrace the belief that self-care & self-love are at the root of what gives our beauty longevity. Self-love, the act that both heals us & everyone we encounter. Self care, the heart of what changed skincare routines into "true skincare rituals."

This year I am announcing a more comprehensive idea both in my treatments and in my brand. Never truly being just a facial they will now be called "Restorative Beauty Treatments " to reflect their comprehensive effect. Ultimately we want to restore those youthful qualities of our beauty.

The essence of the treatments will now be more directly based on the quality of your skin you desire most to restore. Any currently scheduled facial could be adjusted to be one of these new treatments, but will also be honored at the price and description previously scheduled. On the new menu ( LED ) therapy can be added to any treatment, but will only be included in the "Texture & Restore," the oxy-needling treatment.