Studio Pilar in Natural Awakenings

For those of you who missed our Spotlight article in Natural Awakenings magazine, we thought we'd share it right here with you. Enjoy learning a little more about the studio and why we work the way we do - organically!

Nestled in her Vienna studio, Pilar is leading the way for women to uncover their true beauty by sharing her expertise and knowledge about natural and organic skin care products. For more than 14 years, Pilar has been discovering and sharing the real secrets of feeling beautiful by carefully cultivating a menu of products and services that support and sustain her growing clientele. Studio Pilar, which recently moved from another location, is the area’s leading location for high-end, organic, natural beauty products and hand-crafted facials.

Although in northern Virginia for the past 14 years, Pilar has been learning and growing in the field for more than 20 years. Her training as a jeweler and an artist in Portland, Oregon, led her on a journey that she initially did not think she would take. As she discovered that she could apply her creativity to help women uncover their true beauty in a holistic and inspiring way, she understood that this was to be her path. In those 25 years, she has seen a growing awareness of the need to be as mindful of what is put on the skin, the body’s largest organ, as what is put into the body for nourishment.

In the early days, most of her clients sought organic skin care because their skin was reacting to products in the stores. Eventually, more and more women started paying close attention to all aspects of their health, including using the best possible products on their skin. She notes, “My greatest enjoyment of being in this field is that my clients come to me because they are proactive in their life. They are already wellness-oriented so that already think about what they eat and how they take care of themselves. I try to take it a step farther and help them to think about their environment—to help them be more thoughtful and to be a part of the process to uncover their beauty.”

To that end, Pilar is uncompromising when it comes to the products that she uses and sells. She has a very strong vetting process for any product that is used in Studio Pilar— specifically strong requirements when it comes to the ingredient profile. “I only buy hand-crafted products from small American vendors. There is an uphill battle because these are products that most people haven’t heard of or seen before. For those who appreciate small crafted food – similarly, there is a lot of vitality and energy to this carefully chosen products.” By introducing these beautiful little bottles of joy, Pilar is helping people realize that they can have a beautiful experience and they don’t have to compromise.

Along with the desire to share these products with her clients, she offers education on what types of organic products, and ingredients, work the best. Pilar doesn’t sell any product until she has personally tested it and has a clear understanding of who and how a specific product can help. During the retail hours of the studio, customers are encouraged to feel and try any product, along with getting recommendations of what would work best for their particular skin type. Likewise, Pilar’s two-hour facials are uniquely individual creations. Counting over all her years, Pilar has done more than 50,000 facials and no two have been the same. She notes, “I have found that everybody is unique—each woman is going to have a unique experience in how their skin responds.”

The true joy in Pilar’s work is uncovering and revealing the beauty of each individual. For so many years, the emphasis was on looking younger. Today, Pilar and so many others understand that women who work on all aspects of their bodies, and understand that the body has the capacity to heal itself, is the true source of beauty. “Youthful skin really shows how a person treats herself.”

Location: 143A Church St., NW in Vienna, Virginia. Retail hours are on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Appointments for facials can be made online at

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