Sleep Your Way to Stunning Skin & Better Health

We've been hearing about the benefits of sleep for awhile, and they're all true!

I'll never forget many years back when I read an article on the top 10 tips for staying young -- sleep definitely made the list. But what struck me after reading the list, and still to this day makes me smile, is that all those top 10 tips are free! They do require time, consistency and commitment, but they're all within our access. Sleep may not have been #1 back then, but for many of us sleep deprived souls, it feels like it should be!

We now have countless information, research, and documented clinical trials that can educate us on the benefits of sleep. But basically it is the "magic button" that switches off the stress hormone, turns down the hunger hormone, boosts your metabolism, fires up your brain, and really reverses aging! Aim for a minimum of 7 hrs and aim to hit the sack near 10 p.m.