Organic Beauty: Haute, Not Hippie

The beauty industry has always benefited from the promise of results. My hope is that the promises related to beauty quality are backed up by ingredient composition.

Expect companies to work with your skin and not against your skin like harsh chemicals do, always enhancing the skin to a better state than originally.

Sometimes a smaller company that invests in its whole natural ingredients may not be brand recognizable over one that spends most of its money on marketing. Just like food, full disclosure is apparent when you turn the package around and read the ingredients list. What would you rather spend your money on? Chemical fillers, fragrance, or a designer label with no long-term benefits but harmful effects? Or real ingredients you can recognize and pronounce, with proven long-term benefits, and only beneficial effects?

Feed your skin as you would nourish your body, as organically as possible.

Organic beauty, haute not hippie anymore.

Pilar DiVittoiro has spent the last 20 years committed to teaching, researching, educating, and providing services and expertise in the positive attributes of organic skincare coupled with a healthy lifestyle; the truth behind authentic beauty. She owns and operates her organic spa, Studio-Pilar, in Vienna, Virginia.