The Inner, Outer & Energetics Of Beauty


This past week my mother, Christine —who many of you already know— and assistant Amanda had the pleasure of speaking with Rose-Marie Swift, the CEO of our returning makeup line RMS Beauty. They were given an inspiring tutorial on how to use the RMS makeup to achieve the ultimate natural look, as RMS is the purest makeup that continues the healthy skin experience. They also learned a few tricks of the trade and personal tips from Miss Rose-Marie herself.

My mother has been a professional makeup artist for many years and is highly experienced with natural beauty makeup. She will be stopping by the store on some Saturdays. Make sure to check our website for those dates and come in and get some expert advice!


On my quest to create more collagen for the integrity of our skin, I purchased a unique and advanced micro-needling machine, designed in Italy and made in America. I am proud to introduce the Oxy Pin. Unlike other micro-needling machines, the oxy-pin performs 3 actions simultaneously.

The Oxy Pin provides oxytherapy, taking oxygen from the air and emitting a continuous oxygen flow into the skin to help increase metabolic processes in cells and tissues of the body. Also provided is micro-mesotherapy, where micro-pins trigger the normal healing response within the skin to increase tone and elasticity. Lastly is the double pulverization system, which transfers high potency serums into the skin. With cool oxygen and serum hydration, your micro-needling experience will be more comfortable, and coupled with the quick-healing and benefits of LED Light therapy, this machine provides a highly transformative experience that is unique to Studio Pilar.


I have recently introduced a lot of new machines and technology, but there will always be a profound, high touch experience to complement my machinery. The energy work that comes from connecting during a hands on service is highly important. Recently I have been studying the ideas of "marma points". These energetic points release endorphins and stimulate the glandular systems of the body, inducing health benefits. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the majority of our marma points lie between our upper chest and head. Many of these points are concentrated on during your facial, and that's why your treatment not only feels so good but is so good for you!